Newsletter #1: Quick and Easy Training Tips

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This simple Newsletter is designed to be a quick informational tool for you to help build your Parrot / Human bond. We will share with you some easy and effective solutions to help you have fun with your pet including some of the SECRETS the Pros use to get their birds to do what they need them to! This is only meant to be a helpful guide and we will talk about the tips given to us by top bird handlers. 

Caution: Many of the tips we talk about may not work for you, so keep trying different ones. There is never a perfect way to train Parrots, they are all a bit different! After all, there are so many and many have existed with humans for only a few generations!

The First Secret is this:

Read this next sentence three times. It means everything in bird training! 

"Every good or bad behavior that is rewarded will be repeated"

Here are some examples for you.

Your parrot is screaming loudly while your watching television, you yell back saying "be quiet". The bird just learned that to get your attention (which is what he or she may want at the time) is to scream loudly over and over to get you to come over to the cage. This practice will soon lead to a problematic bird that starts a screaming behavior that is hard to stop.

Let's say you're handling your parrot outside the cage for several minutes. He / She is not having fun or is scared and decides to bite or nip your hand. You yell "ouch" and take the bird back to the cage so you can mend your wound. The bird may just have learned that biting a person will get them back to their cage where they feel safer!

Always: When your bird begins to speak or make a sound resembling a humans voice be sure to positively praise him/her with a special treat or attention.

These are just a few examples and you are probably getting the idea by now of what and why that bird does what he/she does. Usually all birds recently from the wild, still have the strong instinct of survival which leads us to the next big secret!

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