Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is your product better?

A: We have spent a great deal of time researching the market and what is available for purchase. We feel we offer the best value because of clarity, quality, the number of words and a very special secret that we will not share. We have a team of computer guru's that know how to "extract" audio from audio files! This is a closely guarded secret of what we do at Feathered Phonics. All this for as much as half the price of others! It also helps to be located in the heart and Mecca of the Computer Software programming area of the world. We are able to print CD's by the 1000's and pass the savings on to you.

Q: Why does my parrot talk all the time when my vacuum cleaner is running?

A: There are many reasons for this common problem in Parrots. Instinct shows us that in the wild parrots are social birds. They usually gather in great numbers to avoid being singled out by predators. Your bird probably feels very comfortable talking or singing while there are other noises about because he/she feels safer that their sound will not be directly pinpointed by a dangerous animal that wants to eat them. Keep in mind, unlike other household pets that have been in domestic captivity for hundreds of year, parrots are relatively new in captivity and still grasp strong instinctive manners. Note the Volume 4 Disc has a variety of background sounds that you can play for your bird including a vacuum cleaner, car, dishwasher, washing machine, and running water.

Q: Will my female Cockatiel talk?

A: The simple answer to this is "yes", through repetition, caring and love almost any parrot/speaking bird can talk. Some choose not to do so, while others do. Males do seem to talk more in the cockatiel variety. Cockatiels seem to take on whistling easier. Volume 2 has many songs that your cockatiel will be interested in listening and whistling to.

Q: Will your product work on my canary?

A: YES! The Canaries can sing and carry a tune. We recommend Volume 2. Many of these recordings are whistled. Your bird will be in heaven listening to these and trying to figure them out!

Q: What does the spacer tracks on your CD's do? I noticed a 1-minute spacer on track 97 and five minutes on track 98.

A: You may want to program a longer period of time between the track you are teaching your pet. For example: If you decided to go shopping and would be gone for several hours, your bird would become very tired of hearing the same track over and over for that length of time. You can program Track 97 or 98 which is 5 minutes in between words by using your CD Players programming feature. Thus you can teach your bird even while you are at work without fear. Other CD's just don't have this feature like ours.

Q: Why do birds learn to swear so quickly?

A: Birds learn to swear because of the emphasis placed in the word by the user. A parrot can learn words quickly by placing emphasis, volume, impact, and dramatization of the word. This is a little-known secret of the bird training field.