Helpful Tips & Hints

Here are some tips, hints and general rules to follow while using our product on your parrot.

1. Have patience while teaching your bird to speak. Your bird may already know the word you are teaching it and does not feel comfortable saying it in the presence of you. Keep training, and keep your Parrot's mind stimulated. Allow your pet to be comfortable and never yell or scare your pet. However, when your parrot does something good reward the pet by saying "Good, Boy" or "Good, Girl" and give them a treat.

2. Your caring and comfort of the bird are crucial to success. Handle your bird frequently and let it be a part of your family. Television time is a great time to involve your pet. Be sure it is not in listening distance to any naughty words or any rated R movies.

3. Never teach your Pet to swear. Keep in mind that many species of parrots can live up to 70 years. Your pet may outlive you! Thousands of Orphaned parrots every year cannot be placed in homes with families because of this.

4. Program track 97 or 98 in your CD player between the track you are teaching your pet if you will be away from your home for several hours. This will give five minutes (track 98 on Volume 2, 3 and 4) of spacing time so that your bird will not tire quickly.

5. Place your speakers close enough to the cage so that the parrot can listen clearly.  If your speakers are far away, they may sound "hollow" to your bird.  Your bird will learn this way of talking. Remember they will learn it how they hear it.

6. Be cautious of inferior training CDs. Many brands available today having clicking noises and other hissing sounds. Do not use brands that are not crystal clear. Can you imagine teaching your bird to say "Hello.......Click." Birds can hear a broad range of frequencies. They should only learn the sounds you want them to. This simplifies the learning process.

7. Keep your bird's mind stimulated. A parrot is much like a three-year-old child.  Keep many toys in its cage along with taking it out on a daily basis for exercise. Television in moderation will keep your bird busy. I recommend the cartoon channels because of the different sound effects and talking etc.

8. If you want to teach your bird to speak, then do not teach it to whistle right away. A bird has an instinctive urge to communicate. The bird will discover that communicating by whistle is much easier than pronouncing words.

9. Use Emphasis when teaching your pet a Word. Place a little volume and dramatize the word. Your pet will pick it up faster. Ever wondered why bird learn to swear words so easily? This is why.

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