Teach Your Parrot Advanced Tricks DVD Volume 4 - Fantastic Performing Parrots

Teach Your Parrot Advanced Tricks DVD builds on the methods and tricks shown in both Volumes 2 and 3. Take your bird to the next level with tricks including taking a bow, nodding head yes and shaking head no, falling over backward when shot, pushing and pulling objects, riding a scooter, and even bowling! Expanded use of commands such as “come” and “perch” and explanations of how various combination tricks were put together all on one DVD. Plus much, much more! 

A unique video guide for new and experienced bird owners. "Teach Your Parrot Advanced Tricks" is designed to take you from the first basic steps to more advanced tricks.

  • Easy-to-follow information for all parrots - from budgies to macaws
  • Step-by-step instruction is shown using untrained birds
  • Approximate Runtime: 55 minutes

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