Feathered Phonics Testimonials

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“I received the CD of canary music today and it's amazing how quickly Tweety started singing! What's even more amazing is that Angel, our parakeet, is singing right along...although a canary song with a parakeet accent leaves just a bit to be desired, she is trying and after a few more days will be able to keep the tune!” 

“I received the CDs I guess about 6 weeks ago now and have seen a different side of our bird. I travel a considerable amount thus I can’t spend enough time with our bird training it. Since I have begun playing the CD she has become more talkative, although the words are not completely clear as yet, it is quite obvious what she is trying to say. As soon as I put the CD on the bird becomes very excited and quite verbal as well.” 

“Your CD was great! Our cockatiel, Dixie, learned several words and phrases after only a few days. Well worth the money. Thanks!” 

"Thank you so much for replying to my e-mail. Also, it was a pleasure talking to you today and sharing with you how impressed I am with the canary CD, like I mentioned to you I received it yesterday and have been playing for my canary......have a wonderful day. 

“Wonderful!! Just as described, works like a charm...bird loves it!!!! And FAST!” 

“Fast shipment , Quality product , Seller exceeded my expectations” 

“Fast shipping! My canaries love the CD! Great value!!! Thanks!!” 

“I never thought these CD’s would work until I tried it on my little bird Pete, he started said his first word just days after hearing it! – I love you Feathered Phonics!” 

“Birds gone wild.!!!~~My birds love the CD Speedy shipment! AAA+” 

“My husband scoffed at me when he heard that I bought the Adventure Cat DVD, now he is amazed at how our cat “fluff” goes wild when it plays!” 

“Excellent item. Fast shipping. Good communication. Highly recommended.” 


“The DVD is Great!!! My Cat's Thank you!!” 

“This was our first bird and we weren’t sure how to train it properly, your methods are working. Thank you Feathered Phonics!” 

“We thought we had a Parrot that was a MIME! Then we used your Cd’s and now it sounds like a newscaster coming from his cage!” 

“I purchased the DVD for my Cat, but my little dog Tinkerbell loves it too!” 

“Great item just as described!! Recommended to all!!” 

“I received my purchase within 2 days!! Thanks!” 

“A+++seller,good communication, honest, fast delivery, smooth transaction, awesome, Thank you!” 

“Fast shipping!” 

“Excellent transaction. Fast delivery.” 

“Thanks for the great advice on the care of our little bird, the cd is working fabulous. Thank you.” 

My little parakeet made only a few peeps in his whole life (about two years), just the other day he astounded our family with the word “HELLO”, it was just a whimper, but we all heard it from the kitchen table! Thanks FEATHERED PHONICS! 


“Quick shipping!! Great trick video, easy learning. Thanks” 

“We're learning! Thanks!” 

“Feathered Phonics really did WORK FOR US!” 

“Fast delivery, Great item at a great price. Extremely happy with my purchase.” 

“Nice CD! I Love It!!! A great eBay seller. Five Stars*****” 

“Really fast shipping!! Thank you for a great product!” 

"Thanks again for the CD. Little "CHEAP" will be very happy hearing his own kind to keep (him?) company. Happy Holidays!"

"One of the best out there... We did not receive...HE SENT ANOTHER!!!
THANKS!!! A+" 

"Fast at shipping. Was awed by the extra surprise in the package." 

"Spooky, Wally and Sydney say a big me wow! Moms are impressed too. Thanks

"My canaries are singing after playing track 1 one time!! A++++++" 

"Super speedy birdy delivery - always a great product from Feathered Phonics!" 

"Exceptional transaction 4 a GREAT product. 100 gold stars to you!!! AAAA+++++" 

"I had to bring my puppies in for their 6 week shots, health check, etc. I had to drive for 45 minutes and this is usually a long and loud trip. This time I experimented with the pet CD for dogs. At first I forgot that I had it and so for about 10 minutes they howled and cried. Then I began to play the CD and in about 5 minutes they were quiet and content. I would never have believed it!!! This is the third litter I have brought to the vet and the only one that was ever quiet. All 8 of them were so good. Thanks for CD." 

"Just a quick follow up. I don't know who enjoys this DVD more; the cats, the birds, my grandchildren or ME. Thanks again!" 

"Thanks, you are the BEST :)...we have Arabian & quarter horses, llamas, chinchillas, sugar gliders, a canary, parakeets, cats & a rabbit. Little people w/ fur rock !!!!"

"My Dusky Conure "Dusty" can say her name and Pretty Bird without messing it up! You know the one newsletter with the perch and the string with the peanut, I used a apple instead of the peanut, Dusty is in LOVE with apples and it is very healthy!"

"I am really loving your newsletters and you have inspired me to really get down to training my African grey Watson. He is six years old and such a chatter box! I really want to start teaching him new tricks and your offer of the 4 DVDs is just what I need!..."

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