Teach Your Canary To Sing!

Want to Train a Canary?

Finally a way teach your Canary to Sing like a true Champion!

Let my CD

Teach your Canary to Sing!

If you have speakers.  You can hear him sing right now!

I've taken over a year to create this special CD to help your bird sing like never before!  You may want to turn up your Speakers to hear the Canary Singing.



Hi, my name is George Ford and I am the creator of this Fantastic CD.

I love birds and have many of my own including ELVIS, the one pictured above, one of my most prized birds! 

One day I was at a specialty Bird store and found the most amazing Canary I had ever heard.  I asked the store owner how much he was and the owner replied that he really was not for sale. He explained that this Canary was a "training bird" and he was kept to teach the younger, more in-experienced birds how to sing.  I must have stood in front of his cage for at least an hour listening to him.  After some coaxing and negotiating I was able to purchase this most amazing bird and bring him home to study and share him with the rest of the world!

While I spent a great deal on this canary ($229), I spent almost a year learning from him and listening to his fascinating songs!  He was well worth the price and I know after listening to him for yourself, you will agree too!

A secret shared:

How to get a Canary Singing?

As most bird owners know, keeping a bird busy during the daytime can be tough sometimes with today's hectic schedules we all have.  That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to have something for the bird to do, toys are nice - however, birds need to vocalize and need to communicate, just like us!  Imagine depriving someone of a good education.....It's against the law!

You will be amazed watching your Canary listen to this CD for the first time.  At first he will pop his head up and freeze, then usually, he will jump to a higher and closer part of the cage and seconds later just burst into FULL song to compete!  It's amazing!

I have had so many people write and tell me what this CD has done for their Canary singing voice.  They are just amazed that their bird could sing so well too!

And the best part is, I know it will work for you too and I completely guarantee it or your money cheerfully refunded!


There is no catch and there is nothing to lose!  I will even pay your shipping!

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Pictured above is Elvis! Our STAR!

The PERCH is yours FREE!

That's $25 worth product for only $12.99 with no hidden shipping or handling fees!

And here is a listing of the tracks you will get:

1. Longer Canary Song
2. Male calling female
3. Shorter song
4. Sweet love song
5. Short call to female
6. Male calling with chatter
7. Male short song (repeats)
8. Canary song medium length (repeats)
9. Canary sings brilliant high notes
10. Canaries loving each other
11. Beak Snapping
12. Male song (long version)
13. Male calling to female (repeats) 
14. Male calls for female to respond
15. Male full song (repeats)
16. Male (short burst)
17. Male Canary song (repeats)
18. Male calling female
19. Two short songs
20. Track compilation
21. Feathered Phonics worked for me
22. One minute Spacing Track
23.Five minute Spacing Track
All in all, this CD is packed! Your bird will love it!

It's easy to order, just click on the button below. And again, it's 100% guaranteed or your money back and you will get to keep the FREE perch.  No questions asked!

So don't delay another minute!  We are ready to ship your order and most ship on the same day!  You will love how fast we ship! We are paypal verified and we are a real company, in business since 1999.

Still not convinced your Canary will sing? Many people tell me that when they hear the sounds from this website it incites their Canary to sing!

Best wishes,

your friend - George Ford



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