Teach Your Parrot Intermediate Tricks DVD Volume 3 - Fantastic Performing Parrots

Teach Your Parrot Intermediate Tricks DVD shows you how to teach the all-important retrieve, the basis of so many tricks including placing rings on pegs, a coin in the bank, the basketball dunk, a puzzle-board of shapes, ringing a bell, raising a flag and pulling an object. Also, playing dead and its related tricks of juggling a ball, holding a baby bottle, or making a parrot cocktail are taught. Rolling over and the somersault are demonstrated, and finally, innovative behaviors are shown and explained!

A unique video guide for new and experienced bird owners. "Teach Your Parrot Intermediate Tricks" is designed to take you from the first basic steps to more advanced tricks.

  • Easy-to-follow information for all parrots - from budgies to macaws
  • Step-by-step instruction is shown using untrained birds
  • Approximate Runtime: 53 minutes

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